hi!  I’m hillary layne denham.

i own a handmade bow shop, i’m 29, i love family traditions, ballet, scandinavian design, Reeses, Harry Potter, toddler fashion and I want to travel the world with my family.

I’m a native of Southern Indiana (Kentuckiana!) and I went to University of Arizona as a classical ballet major.

joined an indie band. met a boy. had a stress-fracture in my toe.  transfered to colorado to be a youth pastor. graduated as a theology major.  became my husband’s business partner.  became a mom.  lost myself.  started the journey to discover myself again.  founded a creative business. started a lifestyle blog.

I’ve owned Jake’s Carpet Cleaning with my crazy adventurous husband for 5 years, and we love being entrepreneurs.  Starting a business from scratch [Free Babes Handmade] as a theology major forced me through “Barnes and Noble” business school, where I read almost every business book available to me.  Somehow along the way I became a “born again entrepreneur” and now I’m so excited to move into a more creative space.

we have two wonder-filled, free spirited girls – Adeline and Aria – and a plump little nugget man – Emery Jacob.

About this blog.

in 2015, it’s time to be brave.  the goal of this blog is to become intentional about living true to your passions and creating a lifestyle and/or business that stems from what you love.  Whether it’s more time, money, joy or fulfillment, I believe you can achieve what you want from creating your own business that will allow you to have your ideal life.  My WHY?   My family and I are currently prepping for a year of world travel starting July 2017, where we can run our business virtually for 12 months from anywhere in the world.

I hope you will join me here.  in this space, I want to showcase beauty and creativity, talk candidly about entrepreneurship – how to create an uncommon life you love – spark wonder and imagination in your everyday life (with your kids, spouse and friends) and of course dive 7 levels too deep into the world of toddler fashion and scandi-design.

“Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive.  Because the world needs more people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman. yes.